Don't just broadcast on social media


Are you saying things that might make a potential customer laugh, identify with what your brand, or feel inspired?

Are you using images to compliment your tweet? (Images are 200 times more likely to be retweeted than a tweet with no image) Are you using video? Twitter live, Facebook live and Linkedin video are very powerful for engaging with your customers.


Ask your customers what they want


You can do Twitter polls or ask them for comments on a particular topic... keep away from anything exceptionally controversial though! It could be a question like: what is their favourite ‘extra’ when they go on holiday; what is the reason for returning to a particular destination every year.

This is a great way to do research for a future blog post. When you have answers you can write about the answers, publish survey results, or create the resource the majority of your customers are looking for.


Be creative and memorable


You’re a printer so name your twitter handle @JohnPrintGenius, or @TheWebGuy for a web designer!

Once your real name is in there, it's fun to create a twitter handle people will remember.


Stand out from the rest


Be friendly, assist others by sharing their tweets, do a ‘tip of the day’ (Try Twitter video for this). People are watching all the time; they will expect this from you and see you as someone interesting to follow and engage with. In turn this means followers will recommend you when someone asks Twitter for help.

I see it all the time 'Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Dublin', 'I need a plumber in Wicklow, can anyone help' etc. If you are active on twitter and your twitter handle is easy to remember, people will tag you and boom! You have a sale!


Be online between 9 and 11pm


Most bigger companies aren't online at this time. This is when the real #twittermagic happens.

Think about it… when are YOU looking through your social media? During that TV show? When the kids go to bed? Well, so are others!


Tell your story: show us behind the scenes


We want to see you in the morning sitting outside listening to the birds before you start work. We want to see the delivery going out to the USA that you are really excited about. We want to watch you grow and succeed.

Your biggest allies are most likely other small business owners and entrepreneurs. Why? Because they understand. They identify with your challenges and how hard you work!


Create a community around you


You can create a nice little group of like-minded people around you, through building relationships on twitter. I created #womensinspire hashtag because I felt that there was no real twitter chat which was for just women in business, in Ireland. Now we are meeting offline, in real life, so it will be hugs instead of hashtags! It's important to build relationships online but then also take them offline.

Remember that people buy from people they know, like and trust. Be the best you can be, and the sales will follow! You have an advantage as a small business owner, so go get 'em!